Butterfly Exchange

The Exchange is a free listing of those looking to buy or sell used Butterfly sailboats and related parts and equipment.

If you have something you would like listed here, please email details to the webmaster by clicking here. Please read the existing ads, what you want to buy/sell may already be listed!!! Please be sure to include all details including your location , and remember to email us if you get your desired result so we can remove the listing. All listing will be removed 6 months after posting unless you request otherwise.

(webmaster note; rudders, boards and sails for older boats are the most common items needed -- but there is no magic source, virtually all older parts that work are still attached to older boats that still work. And generally, it is the parts that fail or get lost before the boat. We'll be happy to post your note here if you need older rudders, or a used board, or are one of the hundreds looking for used sails, but don't expect results. Old style rudders are still available through Butterfly dealers, and all other parts including masts and centerboards fit all boats, regardless of age. And old, used sails, are, well, old and used.)

Boats and Stuff Wanted
Wanted: Readers! Plese check the For Sale ads below, it is truely amazing how many times the wanted item is already listed for sale. And if you really want to get back on the water quickly, call/email your local dealer and order the right parts.
Boats and Stuff For Sale

Butterfly For Sale ~ Good condition, hull # 73453, blue deck, white sail, 2-pc mast. All original, including centerboard and rudder. No trailer. Located in Lake County, Northeastern Il. $750 cooperdude1970@netzero.net

(posted 15 Mar 18)

Butterfly For Sale ~ in fair/good condition and has a two piece mast. No trailer. Located in Oshkosh, WI. $500. Sareja611@gmail.com

(posted 7 Mar 18)

Butterfly For Sale ~ 1974 Butterfly, blue with white sail, good condition. One-pc mast. No trailer or dolly. Weyauwega, WI. $800.

(posted 6 Aug 17)